federal job info

Some Positions You May Qualify For Include:


  • Airport Screener
  • Paralegal
  • Guide/Park Ranger
  • Security Clerk/Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Mail Carrier
  • Medical Assistant
  • Health Aid & Technician
  • Library Tech/Asst.
  • Dispatcher
  • Health Educator
  • Air Marshall
  • Court Clerk
  • Customs Entry Officer
  • Compliance/Computer Clk.
  • File Clerk
  • Mail Processing Clerk
  • Security Officer
  • FBI/DEA Agent
  • Police Officer
  • Secretary/Receptionist
  • Sales Store Clerk
  • Bailiff
  • Law/Legal Clerk
  • Computer Clerk/Asst
  • Forestry Technician
  • Game Law Enforcement
  • Nurse
  • Communications Clerk
  • Environmental Protection
  • Investigative Asst.
  • Registered Nurse
  • And Many More!

Please choose a job below and fill out the eligibility application.

You may be contacted through the e-mail from a Certified Federal Career Counselor after your submission.


1. GUIDE: This Job Series includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to provide or supervise nonprofessional interpretive and guide services to visitors to parks, damns and other sites of public interest. The work involves giving formal talks, interpreting natural and historic features, explaining engineering structures and related water…

2. DISPATCHER: This Job Series includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to supervise or perform work involved in dispatching or scheduling motor vehicles, trains, aircraft, or vessels used for the transportation of passengers, mail, equipment, or supplies. The duties of these positions are primarily of an office or a clerical nature and involve assigning…

3. BORDER PATROL OFFICER: This Job Series includes positions involved in enforcement work concerned with: detecting and preventing the smuggling or illegal entry of aliens into the United States; detecting and apprehending aliens in violation of the conditions under which they are admitted detecting and apprehending aliens…

4. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL: This Job Series includes positions concerned with: the control of air traffic to insure the safe, orderly and expeditious movement along air routes and at airports when a knowledge of aircraft separation standards and control techniques, and the ability to apply them properly, often under conditions of great stress, are required; the providing of…

5. PARK RANGER: This Job Series includes positions the duties of which are to supervise, manage, and/or perform work in the conservation and use of Federal park resources. This involves functions such as park conservation; natural, historical, and cultural resource…

6. CORRECTIONAL OFFICER: SOME DUTIES INCLUDE: Provides supervision, care and correctional treatment of inmates.; Incumbent is concerned with maintenance of institution security contributing to the health and welfare of the inmates and the promotion of good public relations….

7. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: SOME DUTIES INCLUDE: Serving as an Executive secretary/receptionist to the Dean and Associate and Assistant Deans.; Makes arrangements for conferences and meetings that include scheduling rooms, facilities, preparing agenda, and attendance list…

8. PARALEGAL: SOME DUTIES INCLUDE: Performs legal administration duties in connection with functions.; Tracks proposed legislation; Reviews evidence gathered in specific cases Prepares reports, exhibits, memoranda, and statistical analyses; Prepares, processes,…

9. MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR: SOME DUTIES INCLUDE: Operates one or more motor vehicles including platform trucks; Drive vehicles over rough terrain, in close quarters, and in heavy traffic; Digs ditches, levels grades and fill holes in road repair project; Performs routine and preventive maintenance on vehicles….

10. SECRETARY: SOME DUTIES INCLUDE: Receives telephone calls, greets visitors, and determines nature of call; Maintains calendar and schedules appointments based on workload; Reviews all outgoing correspondence; Prepares and edits reports; Prepares request for procurement.